Alison M. Jones Photography:
Post-climb Thoughts

Mt. Kili in distance

Back in the Mara Conservancy
August 19, 2003

I am back in the Mara Conservancy again, having rested a bit from my incredible week on Kilimanjaro. There every muscle in my body learned the incredible value of patience and taking one step at a time; and here I see the conservation benefits reaped by being willing to let development and progress unfold slowly, "pole pole" in Swahili. Neither Jackson nor I could have achieved Kilimanjaro's summit without the Chagga outfitters who shared their mountain knowledge, carried our gear, set up our nightly camps, and taught us how to respect and honor the slopes leading us to the "Roof of Africa". Likewise the Mara Conservancy could not have had two such successful start-up years without the vision of its founders, the Maasai culture's respect for wildlife, and the intense dedication of those here in Kenya with the vision and commitment to this paradigm of preserving land for wildlife.

Alison Jones, Kenya