Alison M. Jones Photography:
Ascent day, 36 hours later

Mt. Kili in distance


Highlight of the ascent day are of the moon shadows of our line of climbers cast off to the right shortly followed by the rising sun shadows of us cast off to the left; of the difficulty breathing, of meditation on all the animals of the Maasai Mara one by one with each step; of reaching the crater rim and finding that it hurt to cry, even though it was with stunned awe of the beauty of the scene; and the adrenaline hit that lifted me to Uhuru Peak - an hour and a half longer climb following the eons-old Heim Glacier. That Glacier held for me the history of Africa that I'd been seeking - yet its mystery will eternally be elusive! That is, until it melts away as predicted, so sadly!

2 cheetahs, Kili in distance

Now I'm numb with the adventure. I will have more to share after several more baths to soothe tired muscles and remove the dust and dirt - and after I begin to assimilate one of the most incredible experiences of my life. So much of it still seems unreal! Thank all of you for the support you've given me!!! I threw a snowball for each of you from the top - albeit weakly!

Alison Jones, August, 2003