Save LIONS from Furadan Poisoning

With the passion of a true Leo, I have been photographing lions for 22 years. But in that time, East Africa’s lion population has dropped from 200,000 to 30,000!!!

What will the effects of the loss of this keystone predator be on the Mara-Serengeti ecosystem? At what point will this species lose critical numbers and fall prey to extinction?

For 5 years, I’ve supported Laly Lictenfeld’s organization African People and Wildlife Fund (APW) which helps Tanzanian Maasai learn to live with lions. In Laly’s email update this week she noted that “60 Minutes” consulted with APW for its July 26, 2009 broadcast, “Poison Takes Toll On Africa’s Lions.” She also attached a brief on APW’s “Living Fences,” built to protect Maasai and their livestock from lions.

In the face of today’s spreading use of Furadan, I hope you’ll help save these magnificent predators. Several years ago, I created “A Pride of Lions” as a 4” x 6” booklet of 8 photos to help APW. You can support APW’s work by buying this “PRIDE OF LIONS” booklet or fine art prints of AFRICAN LION PHOTOS. Two-thirds of the profits will go to APW.

Your order will be the best birthday present ever!
Thank you. Alison M. Jones

P.S. - I just visited The Center for Fine Art Photo-
“Hand of Man” exhibit in Fort Collins CO. I recommend an online visit to this haunting exhibit!

60 MINUTES producer Drew Magratten, following up on a story on the illegal use of the pesticide Furadan in poisoning of lions, contacted APW’s Maasailand Lion Conservation Program to assess usage of this destructive chemical in Tanzania. Sadly, APW’s team found Furadan readily available in Tanzania and widely known as an effective predator killer. Read the full
60 MINUTES Story.

Mission of APW: The African People & Wildlife Fund (APW) works to conserve Africa’s wildlife, protect their natural habitats, and to promote village development through innovative, multidisciplinary strategies that emphasize coexistence with the natural world.

From APW’s Director: “The future of these cats lies in our hands – their numbers are dwindling and habitats disappearing. Saving lions means reducing conflicts between people, livestock and the big cats, and helping local people derive benefits from their existence.” — Dr. Laly Lichtenfeld, Director of African People & Wildlife Fund

All photos © Alison M. Jones

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