Alison M. Jones Photography:
The Gates Portfolio

Christo’s Gates: Central Park
A Portfolio of Nine Photographs

January 2012: Only 2 are left of this limited edition of 50 portfolios! See the Prints & Gifts page for purchasing info.

In 2005 Alison photographed a once-in-a-lifetime event in her own community.

During eight visits in two weeks to my NYC “backyard” in snow and sun, night and day, I photographed flags of saffron producing a million smiles and a glow which warmed muffled souls and wool-wrapped faces.

I have tucked some of this exuberance into a limited edition of 50 portfolios, with the help of my office managers Jasmine and Brian. These portfolios are for sale, to those who missed it and to those who want memories. You need neither a large coffee table nor a large wallet to indulge in this 6” x 9” folder of NINE signed, archival prints!