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Feb 24, 6-7:30 pm, NYC: “Impacts of Education and Training for Rural African Women.” The United Nations Commission on the Status of Women will hold its 55th Session Feb 22 to Mar 4th, 2011.  Voices of African Mothers, Inc. has coordinated an evening of talks to honor this subject. As Guest Speaker, Alison will share her portraits and observations on the roles of women in health, education and conservation. More details.
Church Center for the United Nations,
The Drew Room, 777 UN Plaza @ 44th St, NYC

Buyers Choice! I am planning to publish another portfolio of images around a theme or locale for 2011. I am interested to hear what potential buyers think would be exciting! To get you started, themes that have already been proposed include: The Color of Water, Aerial Patterns, Rural Life, Giraffes, Circles, Trees, African Women, Architectural Details, Elephant Seals… Locales that might be interesting would be Ethiopia, Italy, Coastal California, Rural New Jersey, New York City…. Other thoughts??? Contact me at .

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Alison’s Winter Photo Ops:

Hailing the East Coast’s first window of warm air this weekend, Alison is off to search for birds wintering over on New Jersey’s Atlantic Coast and Maryland’s Eastern Shore: snowy owls, tundra swans, snow geese, bald eagles, Northern harriers, purple sandpipers, eiders, scoters, old squaws and others! February’s photography of such feathered fowl will provide a very distinct challenge to Alison’s January coverage of northern elephant seals mating and giving birth all at the same time on the same crowded, eroded beach!

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