Alison Jones Photography
Spring Newsletter 2009
Roaming the American Southwest
March 2009: Landscapes and skyscapes that stretch your eyeballs; shallow rivers, sandhill cranes at sunset, roadrunners, blonde grasses, arroyos, palo verde trees, The Oasis Café and Taquieria Lupita, cactus wrens, Hohokam petroglyphs, copper sounds of silence…

One long fence from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico is bisecting habitats and migrations for jaguar, pronghorn, ocelot, bighorn sheep, Mexican gray wolves, javelina – and humans.  As an ILCP Fellow, I recommend ILCP's documentation of ecological impacts of the Borderlands fence, which I photographed in Douglas, AZ and Sonoyta, Mexico.
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The awe of Georgia O’Keefe’s tomato
reds, intense need to create and bonds
with the Genizaro! From nature, she
fused the abstract and the real.
Her mantra, “Details are confusing,”
became mine for 1500 miles.

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